Samsara Blues Experiment (Germany) - 2013 - Waiting for the Flood

It took me a while to put my hands on this review, but since I rarely hear an album which moves something inside, this was a thing that simply had to be done.

Samsara Blues Experiment is the band that needs no introduction. A killer debut "Long Distance Trip" continued by a less appreciated "Revelation and Mystery" and amazing live shows proved them to be one of Germany's most appreciated bands of today. Just check their performance at the Rockplast to see it for yourself.

I was very motivated about listening to the album, after the Soundcloud's preview of "Brahmin's Lament", and my anticipations weren't vain. "Waiting for the Flood" takes the best from previous albums and places it into even greater progressive rock garments than before. To tell the truth, in terms of stylistic characteristics, tags "progressive", "psychedelic" and "jam" spring first in my mind when I think of this album, leaving not so much space for the "stoner" vibe. But who says it's bad?

This four song album has a great atmosphere - Chris' voice sounds better than ever, sitar, flute, pads & psyched out effects are gently integrated here and there and musical structures keep you involved until the last second of the album. The only bad thing in this album for me, is that it's too smooth. There are no moments that fully capture your attention and make you feel one with the music.

Lyrics relate to the eastern philosophy and excellently blend with music. Name of the first song "Shringara" relates to the Sanskrit word, which means romantic love, attraction or beauty. On a deeper level this can be seen as a metaphor for the relationship between the person and the divine. "Brahmin's Lament" projects the idea of breaking through illusions and conditioning and facing one's true self beyond current incarnation, time, space or any other definite object. Go to their web-site to read the lyrics and make your own conclusions and research.

All in all, "Waiting for the Flood" is a strong heavy psych album by a great band. Support them by buying their merch and visiting their gigs - they totally nail it there. 

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