HENRY BLACKER - 2014 - Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings

Strange Cousins from the Albion are welcome with their debut work.
Henry Blacker is a new band with two fellas from Hey Colossus and a brother on the drums.
 The sound and the mix is perfect for the first look.
Musically it's a very reach mix of noiserock, prog, hard-rock, post-punk.
I've also catched some doomy tunes too.
Strong rhythm section compares with charismatic vocal skills.
Don't forget about smart lyrics and album title.
The album/t-shirt cover delivers as well.

 Riot Season never fails with pleasant surprises.
Hail the soft noisy heaviness !

Get Mr. Blacker on vinyl or tape with an exclusive bonus track.

Catch these fuckers alive !


24th January, Brixton Windmill (w/ Bad Guys & Death Pedals)
8th February, Bristol (w/ Sleaford Mods)
9th February, Cardiff
28th February, Brighton
1st March Lille, France
2nd March Brussels,Belgium
4th March Paris, France
8th March, Preston
9th March British Wildlife Festival, Leeds
21st March The Black Heart, Camden. London.
Plenty more to be added.

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