Fattura Della Morte - 2013 - Ouranophobia (EP)

This is perfect DIY sludge for your Monday night.
Nothing more nothing less.
Full of sick lyrics and slow/fast tunes on both sides.

These guys ain't go fast and not even try becoming popular. 
"Ouranophobia" is their 2nd EP in last 6 years after "Grim, Drunk & Frostbitten" EP and "Dead, Deader, Deadest" Demo '07.
This time it's a vinyl release only.
So mp3 lovers, please funk off.

The recording sessions and mix was done in 17 hours.
Sometimes the masterpiece works out from the first sketch.
This time it happened that way.  

Musically FxDxMx is non-compromised sludge with the strong concrete hardcore/punk basement.
Here's everything I love about such kind of noise. Eyehategode'sque  sickness, Iron Monkey's structural cuts, heaviness of Grief, Raw spirit of Black Flag.
Buy LP and check it yourself.

Lyrically its 7/24 sick&tired dairy of life.
So close to every of us.
Wiki says  : "Fear of heaven, also known by its Greek-derived name uranophobia or ouranophobia, is a phobia that makes its sufferer fear heaven or the sky
The origin of the word urano is Greek, meaning heaven, while phobia is Greek for fear."

I really love the minimalistic artwork on both, the previous and recent EP.

Release Party Art rocks as well.

This is oldschool lesson of pure sludge violence !
FDM still kicking the shit outta nowhere with the same line up through the years !

Listen to the 1st track from the EP here :

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You can pick your copy here or write to the band.

(Review by PhillO)))

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