Bands that are worth to be mentioned at the end of 2013

CortisoL - 2013 - The Feminist + Fleischkraft

 Truly sick sludge from the Canadian border.
Lovely art-wok, Charming vocal parts, thrashy sounds, What else do you need ?

 "the magnificent new CortisoL CD release in a wonderful gatefold eco-wallet. This CD contains the band's latest recording: the larger than death mini album The Feminist; plus the shamefully unreleased 2007 classic album Fleischkraft - for a total of 21 hits of the best sludgethrashpunkmetaldoom manufacture since the Mayan failure."


GOYA - 2013 - 777

Great album after great Demo.
Nice artwork.
Heavy Stoner/Doom from Phoenix.

Dog Attack- 2013 - Dog Attack 


 Hungarian Crustcore attack.

 THE DISEASE CONCEPT - 2013 - Your Destroyer

 Fullblown sickness from allstar fuckers.

FLESHPRESS - 2013 - Tearing Skyholes

A sudden surprise at the end of the year.
It's always a pleasure to find a new release on Kult of Nihilow Recs.

Slow, long, atmospheric songs. From minimalistic ambient to solid sludge monolith.
This essay slays. It's hard to take in one listening. It requires more and more rounds to go deeper inside the concept.

This is CD/LP release. And you can dl it for free on bandcamp.

JohnXMcClane - 2013 - EP

Perfect name for the band.
fast kickass pw tunes from UK.

Burden Of The Noose - 2013 - The Forgotten Plague 


 Here's the UK sludgecore that I really love.
Old fellas from cool band are playing there.

 "Burden of the noose formed in feb 2012 from the ashes of local bands, godsize, mistress, I am collossus and out for blood."

Burden Of The Noose - 2013 - Kill The Bastards

 Six Months Of Sun - 2013 - And Water Flows

 K2B prayers from Swizz.


Burning Full Throttle - 2013 - No Man's Land

Robust southern-fried surprise from Hungary.

Celophys - 2013 - Phobos Elevator (LP)

Sludge/Death Duo from Cherkassy, UA
 Proud of you guys,
LP is out on Emetic Recs.

Pressor / Diazepam / Soom - Split

Soom is a new band from Ukraine (-ex FUMANTIA MAURIS)

Uroboros - 2013 - Misantropía & Blasfemia

Black album from Argentina

Uroboros - 2013 -Herejía & Exilio

White album from Argentina

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