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'Massacre-Rock Deviant Inquisitors' (LP)

release info:

If you really ever fancied getting some true menacing power juice wherein nothing is to gaze at with hygienico-aseptic envy, it should be then heavily recommended that you experiment these Deviationist french 'garçons', supreme Heads Extraordinaires of San Pedro Ville and whose futuristic morality & vision led to the founding of the mysterious outfit GUNSLINGERS ** MASSACRE-ROCK DEVIANT INQUISITORS. Nobody's ever really known about what has to be considered as the accurate band name—are both groups of words switchable or only one ?

Such sharp connection between the terms would indeed almost make us define the band as being such as to require battling with the fluids of naming mayhem by use of avant-garde non-sense with relentless precision. Hey Slingers, come here a minute! make your way forward to have us now explore further into the insanity orbit of yours

Freakin' weirdos, this 3rd sonic missive (following 'No More Invention' & 'Manifesto Zero') is a frantic outburst of unsubmissive tonal hallucination that reaches to the Parapet of acid proto-psych'punk and fully generatorized under the cunted mark of 'alchemical free-form' ; such immediate perilous activator of the jubilant excitation underlying the phantasmatic primitive mind. Its dynamics is infernal, shiny & oily, sudden & impulsive, serpentine & excavated, opaque white & translucent crimson combined within an aboriginal fire's luminescence.

GR's 6-string visionary electric monster is an insurgent bottomless creature whose arousing & provoking distorted deployment shoots at everything that DOESN'T move or doesn't get right into the accidental flow's subtlety ; then vertiginous riffage & master anti-riffage (laden with urgent electrifying fuzz-wha) merge savagely into one another : the kind of shamanic rapture that gets you triply high as Matthieu Canaguier's Thunderbass & Antoine Hadjioannou's Prophetic Beats expand massively into a psychotic fierce drive all the way, spreading pulsating emanations like scorching comets, and meeting in ethereal pathways with GR's venomous disenchanted-&-no-less-magnetizing voice which pours down arguments like swirls of traumatized sputum. In one word, these Slingers serve you another authentically twisted self-confessed disaster, a 2-part fearsome exploration that will, once again, make your eyes bleed.

New Riot Season Tee

"Tis summertime and it's time for a new RS t-shirt design. This time i've gone for a local theme, an old school Black Country skyline and a revamped RS logo. The image/design is aged to look worn in, you can view it in the images tab
Printed on brown/chocolate coloured Gildan soft style shirts with white and gold front print.
For those that don't know, the Black Country is the area of middle England where I live. It's named after the thick black smoke that polluted the air back in the old days from all the industrial factories etc"

 Mainliner UK tour 



the dates are as follows :
KAWABATA MAKOTO’S MAINLINER First Tour Of The UK & Ireland September 2013
19 Liverpool - The Blade Factory
20 Cork - Clonakilty Guitar Festival. West Cork
21 Dublin – The Grand Social
22 Limerick – Bourke’s Bar
23 Glasgow - The 13th Note
24 Newcastle Upon Tyne - Think Tank @ Hoults Yard
25 Hebden Bridge - Trades Club
26 Birmingham - The Flapper (w/ Dethscalator)
27 Bristol – Thekla
28 Brighton – The Green Door Store
29 London - Corsica Studios (w/ Dethscalator)

Stream both Mainliner's albums here:

Buy tickets & LPs here:

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