Last bands for After Robustfest vol.III

Hey Everybody!

Less than a month left before the festival.

And we Remind you that pre-order for the tickets will lasts till 15th of September.
So you have 3 days to safe some money for falafel/beer/merch/whatever you want.

If you buy festival+afterparty ticket you will get a special package that includes :

- Robust pin or magnet
- Robust Sticker
- Tokens for a free beer on the After Robust Party
- Map with information: how to get to the "Secret Cave"
-info Book

Follow this link to pre-order festival or festival+afterparty ticket :

Please welcome last bands for the Afterpary :


Poster by xNinja (Kiev, UA)

Turnaround is a Heavy Blues-Rock/Progressive Rock trio from Kiev, UA

At the head of the Kyiv trio, performing heavy blues-rock with a strong influence of early British progressive, is the irrepressible Max Tovstyj, a permanent member of many bands (Crawls) whose material recorded live at his studio, Broken Bricks. Being a native tradition of the "golden" age hippies, Turnaround reflect the musical eclecticism that glorious time: next to the typical blues standard may attend a 10-minute art-rock suite, and tricked arrangements compensated rock and roll feeling. After the release of their debut album and EP Turnaround is now ready to begin recording their second full-length, promising to go deep into the progressive jungle.


Poster by Mila "Hopeless" (Moscow, RU)

Drop Sum is Taras Yakobchuk (Kiev, Ukraine). Yes, that’s right – from air. Microphone noise, room air static and manipulations with its properties led to the creation of a tiny program, that extracts harmonics from ambience noise. Furthermore, these harmonics are used to build the chords in pure intonation. Skipping technical details, let’s just say that the process of creating such music is generally identical to the listening process. John Cage clearly demonstrated that any noise can be music if it has a listener. Therefore, music is just a matter of a starting point in your system of values.

If you’re looking for the right place to play this music, it is likely that it will be the majestic dome of a giant telescope, or the pavilion of the mission control center on a space station from the future. Distinctly futuristic landscape, with smooth architectural forms in bright colors. Idyllic picture of a bright future, with no place for imperfection. 

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