TOMBSTONES - 2012 - Year of the Burial LP (Review)

Here comes the 3-piece heavy stoner/doom beast from the North.
This is their third album. The massive wall of sound was made by the Norwegian Petter Svee and Audun Strype and it worked out really good. Both previous albums were made with Billy Anderson.
And I'm glad to see that band have signed to Holland's Soulseller Recs.

Musically "Year of the Burial" comes like a solid piece of heaviness.
Six songs of pure darkness.
OM-ish paradise.
For perfect experience while listening to this LP you'd better turn off the lights, burn some candles and play some 80's horror movies at the background.

Thanx for this wonderful LP, Ole.
And yes it's freakin' awesome to find myself and robustcrew in the thanks list on the gatefold.
This little thing inspires to crush big mountains :)

Album is dedicated to the fourth band member -
Stream full album here :

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