Sent By the Band...December 2012

Heavy Glow  

is going to release a fullength soon.
This will be the B-side to "Mine All Mine" and only available on 7" Vinyl per the band's upcoming January tour.

"Heavy Glow has begun work on their second full-length album. This time they’re teaming up with Grammy-nominated producer Michael Patterson and Nic Jodoin.  Patterson is perhaps most famous for his work with Beck on “Midnite Vultures,” Trent Reznor, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club among many others. Recording will take place in L.A. at the famous Studio 9 building and will feature 10-12 new songs with additional guest personnel. The album is slated for release in early 2013."

listen to the Headhunter


Asilo - 2012 - Geografías / Wardance

"asilo is 4 piece doom-crust band from buenos aires argentina, with two bass players and no guitar"


The Brutal Deceiver - 2012 - Go Die. One By One 


French hardcore/death metal outfit THE BRUTAL DECEIVER have announced the release of their debut full-length album "Go Die. One By One" on next spring. The follow-up to their 2010 EP "Birth Of A Decline", the record will arrive courtesy of the band's new label home Useless Pride Records. The band (which features two members of post-metal band As We Draw) recorded those ten tracks last summer with their drummer Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle. To check out a first track of "Go Die. One By One", head over the band's Bandcamp page here :


Megachurch 2: Judgment Day


Megachurch and Stressed Sumo Records proudly present the release of Megachurch 2: Judgment Day, the Cleveland, Ohio trio’s fierce new record. Available on CD, limited edition run of 100 cassettes and digital (the album also includes three bonus tracks). Released on February 11th

"Melding metallic shards of Burton-era Metallica, Mastodon, and Queens of the Stone Age to the mathematical rhythms of Battles and Slint, Megachurch save the soul of metal from the venial sins of guitars and vocals through their trademark twin bass guitar and drums attack. Hewn from the same leaden timbres that anchored their promising self-titled 2010 debut, Judgment Day cuts across genre and practice, pitting pietism against irreverence or the glory of unfettered riffage.

The chemistry gained by Megachurch from two years of high-profile Ohio shows is on full display. Bassists Brian Michael Hill and Mikey Baranick perform in the seasoned lockstep, with Hill’s iterative basslines threading through Baranick’s buzzsaw riffs. Drummer Dan Price, having previously bonded with Hill and Baranick in their respective poppier endeavors This is Exploding and Machine Go Boom, is no exception. Manning the engine-room of the operation, Price’s pattern drumming harnesses the kinetic power of fluid tempos and irregular time-signatures while opting against the metal staples of blast and d-beats. Found-sound samples of politicians, televangelists, and Tea Party fanatics stand in as the group’s manic vocalists.

Racing through eight songs in just over 27 minutes, Megachurch utilize as much restraint as creativity, stripping away all extraneous elements to reveal lean, muscular songs. John Delzoppo’s recording and Price’s mix pay these number the complement of warm, clear production."


Sorrows Path - 2011 -  The Rough Path of Nihilism


Power/Doom metal from Greece


Primitive Man - 2012 - Scorn 


"Formed by members of CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE and REPROACHER, Denver's PRIMITIVE MAN will release its debut album "Scorn" on 12" vinyl on January 31th via Throatruiner Records and Mordgrimm Records. This album was recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (CEPHALIC CARNAGE, CATHETER, COBALT) in the band's hometown, evolving into a blackened sludge/doom vein that will appeal fans of bands such as The Body, Thou or Khanate."




"After two years on the road defending "Heliogabalus", working on some split collaborations and trying to write new music, using new schems, time has come to finally announce the third album by Rorcal.
 A subtle blend of old drone/doom ingredients and some new unexplored black metal influences finally gave birth to eight new tracks, produced by Stéphane Kroug (at Wood Recording Studio) and place in the hands of  to be reunited under the sweet name of "Vilagvege".
  For the fist time, Rorcal is happy to release this new album on vinyl, in close collaboration with its own imprint Cal of Ror Records (Lilium Sova), Sick Man Getting Sick Records (Alaskan) from Germany and the new french label Lost Pilgrims Records (Cortez). A tape edition will follow on the germany Wolves in Vibrancy Records (Ilydaen).
 The release is planned for the 28th of February 2013 and will be followed by a new tour through European soils, from March 27th to the 6th of April. Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium : be prepared Doom is upon you!"


The Phantom Carriage - 2012 - Falls 


"With this second full-length, Poitiers' THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE annihilate the remaining boundaries between black metal and dark hardcore. This time focusing on the most extreme side of their sound, "Falls" brings the band's unique approach to the next level, invoking reminiscences of various acts such as Deathspell Omega, Cave In, Comity, Deafheaven or Kickback. Songs such as "Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming" or "Today We Stand" reveal how much the band has improved their songwriting abilities, burying the listener under piles of epic & technical riffs, labyrinthic structures and unearthly vocals. By throwing into their chaos some more unorthodox influences they gained from their other past and actual experiences, THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE prove that they are digging deeper than your average "blackened hardcore" band. And they will take you with them."


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