More Good News from Finland...

Demonic Death Judge/Semtex/Frogskin

This split was really big surprise to me! Three greatest bands from the Finland's underground appearing on one piece of plastic. Limited to 500. Released by a couple of mastodont labels. (My math knowledge says to me - 100 copies per label)

1st track by DDJ that opens this book callad "Kneel" starts with Weedeater-like riff and goes straight by the same road. Second one "Beneath The Monument" reminds me old good Iron Monkey's era. And then it turns into more "melodic" stuff with a cool voice-over samples (by EHG's recipe). They're also having a new album out that have a name "Descent". You can stream it in full here. The level of this band grows like a good fertilized weed.

http://demonicdeathjudge.blogspot.com/ (You can buy new CD & Split through the band)

Semtex are cool sounding newcomers. I felt in love since thir 1-st CD-r demo! Weedy tines with sweet/angry guitars ala Bongzilla, Earthride, Hawg Jaw. Think about tatooing your butt/tits (of course if you have a free place on your skin) with next words "In Bud We Trust" ! It will be a good one if you place it next to "Cannabis saved my life" (by the neighbour band Bud Junkies)


What I really like about Frogskin that you never know what heppens next. Sometimes it goes terribly slow and heavy, sometimes fast as a crusty fuck. Arrgh...goodness. So long awaited 3 new songs since the selftitled LP in 2008. The split with cool canadian Powerviolence/Sludge/Grindcore band Mudlark should be out on 10 inch vinyl like a year or two ago but it didn't heppen. So these three raw sludgy steaks are made of a frog skin. Lick 'em and come to the deep cave trip. Standing on the one step with Finland's own Loinen, Stumm (RIP), Fleshpress.


The volume 1 in the name of this fabulous split gives us a hope that next time we can hear more exclusive tunes from some good bands from some interesting country...maybe Australia or New Zealand, Ukraine, ehh )))...why not ?))).

Full Tracklisting:


2. DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE: Beneath The Monument


4. SEMTEX: Two Minutes Of Rehab

5. SEMTEX: Outcome

6. SEMTEX: In Bud We Trust

7. SEMTEX: Sex, Drugs And Sludgecore

8. FROGSKIN: Barstool Battle Axe

9. FROGSKIN: Staring To The Sun

10. FROGSKIN: Locked/Loaded Acting Dead

Puchase this awesome split by clicking the following links :

http://bouerecords.yolasite.com/ (If you're in France)
http://www.myspace.com/cainrec , http://cainrecords.yolasite.com/, http://www.musikaze.com/odiosonoro (If you're in Spain)
http://www.atwarwithfalsenoise.com/ (If you're in UK)
http://www.shiftyrecords.com/ (If you're in USA)

dl 3 track sample (1 track from each band) Here


  1. I ordered this recently before realizing the Demonic Death Judge tracks were on the first album. oh well, still money well spent. DDJ did just have their newest album leak onto the internet elsewhere. It's called The Descent. thanks for your post

  2. I bought the DDJ sound on Kneel (fantastic Ep!) and their recent album, The Descent and it's fucking great!!! Craving to see them live, but they have to come to France...

  3. I have this split and it's awesome! For me 3 new bands to follow for sure! Hope I can see them in Spain some day.
    Also i have to thanks the labels who made this project and let people know these bands! Love that music!!!