Feels good (comfortable?) when it's dark.................


Let me introduce you to Voida - Igor's (Stoned Jesus, Snakerider) solo project. Conquering a very emotional kind of singer-songwriter genre he's being influenced by Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Peter Hammil, Steve Von Till, Matthew Parmenter, Brian Borcherdt, Vic Chesnutt, Elliot Smith, A Silver Mt Zion, Neil Young, etc.

This is a second long-play of Voida called "Colour Me Darkness". The first part of this album sounds like a  good kind of an autumn melancholy, while the second touches more personal vibes dragging you to the darker part of our personalities & making the album sound more gloomy.
Voice, instruments, recording, lyrics - done with all one's heart and soul.
This is a very atmospheric offering from a talented musician, which perfectly suits the weather outside your window. It will remind you of something very personal, something you maybe tried to forget once. Go ahead and listen to it if you're not afraid darkness to colour you.

- Colour Yourself -

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