TFE tour over Ukraine / info / poster arts

Tour is the word.

This beautiful picture called "Man on Dog" (damn, that is a great name for a stoner band/fest/whatewer is stoned) painted by Kravec Vitalij, edited by your submissive servant. (Click to enlarge)

Poster sent by the band

Video from TFE :

If you have a possibility please come and support this Hungarian monster togather with local bands.

Here you can also dig alternative fan-art posters for the Robustfest :

By Max Mute (Ehtereal Riffian artwork)/ co-edited by me.

By Krab (Kravec Vitalij)

Here're the links for the following events Events :

Uzhgorod - facebook
Zhytomyr - facebook, vkontakte
Kiev, Robustfest - stonerrock.ru, vkontakte, facebook, last.fm, funkysouls, metalarea, neformat, froster.org, Doommantia (announce), forever doomed, underfiles (Doommantia re-post), moto.kiev.ua, otryv-pertsa, kiev.vgorode.ua
And I'm totally hope that these guys don't judge us to slow death because of same name )))
Chernigov - forum.rock.cn.ua
Lviv- vkontakte, last.fm

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