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From the Minds of Madness The origins of heavy metal band names

Have you ever thought about how the metal bands are going with names ? Movies, Quotes, some song names from the past...or just some stoned list of words?

The book is written by Blair Gibson. And the good work is done.

All the answers that you need you will find in this book, as well as lot's of funny stories about your favourite band names.

here're some samples/quotes from the book :

BLINDDOG (Stonermetal)(Halmstad,Sweden) (Formedin1995)

"The very dull story of how we came up thename Blind Dog is simply that I opened up a magazine which contained a story about dogs doing tricks. The article had one really nicelooking picture of a dog that was blindfolded and was tightropewalking, on two parallel ropes. “Look at this; what a bout BlindDog?” I said. The others agreed that it was a good enough name to have for a while."


SOFAKINGKILLER (Sludgemetal)(Akron,USA)(Formedin1999)

This is the USA winter of 99/00: while carrying my drums to my car, I thought, "man, it is so fucking coldout; sofakingcold!" We still didn't have a band name and I thought that was kind of a funny play on words, so I kept thinking about other ways to use the sofaking wordplay. Then I thought, "ohyeah; we are SoFuckingKiller!"

SUNNO))) (Dronemetal)(Seattle,USA)(Formedin1998)

Named after our favourite amplifier (includinglogo).


By Author's words :

Hello, my name is Blair Gibson and I’m an aspiring author/metal head from a place called Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I recently just finished compiling a book called “From the Minds of Madness: The origins of heavy metal band names.”
Over the past two years, I have e-mailed a slew of heavy metal bands from every genre there is. I have contacted bands in black metal, death metal, doom metal, power metal, stoner rock and the list goes on and on.
I contacted each band personally either through their Myspace, Facebook or the bands official website. I asked them “How did you come up with your band name and why did you choose it?” This book answers those questions.
I included their answers as they were sent back to me. I e-mailed these bands and many others over the last two years and compiled a list of over 350 bands to be included in this book. I also had a local artist do up a cover for the book as well.
The book is as follows: introduction written by me, thank yous, foreword by Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride, index and page numbers, body of the book (answers), band logos, brief information on the bed, credit to the person who gave me the answer, appendix and a bio at the end.

The hard copy of the book sells for $15.00 while the digital download eBook version only costs $5.00. I think I have a novel idea here as I haven’t seen or read any similar books on this subject. Metal heads and music lovers in general would love this book as it is a very interesting and humours read on how some of these bands actually came up with their names.

You can buy this book :

calbeg@accesscomm.ca - writing to the author
http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=3698742 - visiting the store

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