Jack & The Bearded Fishermen (Fra) - 2011 - Places To Hide

I Like their attitude...and music :

"Don't hate the media, be the media" said Jello Biafra, it seems like you
clearly understand the message. Thus your is a precious alternative
voice against junk mass media culture.

We are getting is touch regarding the new JACK AND THE BEARDED FISHERMEN record
named "Places to hide" that is out as an LP today! This is an album of modern
and heavy rocking hardcore music made with sincerity and hard work.

the aim is not for us to sell out and make them become rock stars or something like that since the band and Impure Muzik have a strong and firm punk/hardcore ethic. The purpose of such a move is to share as much as possible their music, to get it listened. You are somehow
the lifeblood of this record.

You can simply buy it here

Get It
(thanx to Onito of Impure Muzik)

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  1. Thanks a lot for that great discovery!!! Not enough reviews on French webzines, and it's a fucking shame as this album is as good as anything we can hear those days!
    Thanks for sharing, I'm going to buy that one now!