Hungarian Vibes

Torn From Earth brings sludgy tunes from Budapest. Smell the filth of Crowbar/Down/Iron Monkey...


HAW gets 5 stars in my personal southern/sludge competition. Supermelodic, catchy, angry as a redneck's ass. Don't miss it. Thanx to David for this sweet request.


Shapat Terror is great a nihilist rock/metal band from Eger, Hungary. Check the rude sounds and drink the booze!!!! Hungarian lyrics in full swing. Sounds good.
ST shares golden medal of hungarian stoned awesomeness togather with Wall of Sleep, Mood, Magma Rise, Stereochrist, Convoy...and tons off other great bands.
Web (You can find album and EP in Wav format here)

go get yoursellf some cheap 3d glasses

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  1. Phil thx very much for shapat killer band.