To The Stars...........................

We've caught transmission from Traveling Circle:  

"We are excited to announce the release of Traveling Circle’s debut
album titled Handmade House on Nasoni-Records, out of Berlin.

Traveling Circle has carved a definite niche that transcends the
psych-rock world and embraces the progressive universe beyond. This
emerging Brooklyn-based trio takes obscure vibrations from the past to
shape a modern sound that will both mesmerize and transform. Handmade
House projects a montage filled with unexpected twists and turns,
vibrant melodies, and fuzzy dark tones - altogether capable of melting
your perception of time and space beyond recognition."

Some reviews from the web:

"Lava-impregnated Hawkwind."
Flight 13 Records
"Elaborate and compelling compositions. Subtle trippy attitude. Really successful for a debut."
"Superb melodic psychedelic rock. One of the best albums that'll appear this year."           
Clear Spot
"Psychedelic songs with a foot deep in the 60s. High male vocals, fuzzy guitars, dark atmosphere...coool!"
"Dreamy, druggy, psych-pop."
Time Out New York
"Fast becoming the next psychedelic band to watch out for."
"Fine, sparse, psychedelic pop. Eccentric, yet accessible. This kind of psych belongs on a larger indie imprint, if not an adventurous major label."
The BSBTA Label Group
“Traveling Circle plays beautiful music with one of the most intriguing male vocals ever! Go get mesmerized!”
Delicate Howls of Wonder
"A beautiful mash of spaced out influences...a strange and interesting new breed of psychedelic pop."
The Deli Magazine
Great work indeed...

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