Run to the Hills

Another psychedelic gem from Sulatron Records, who really have a knack of finding great space rock records. This one is the CD-release of the debut vinyl album by Swedish kraut-space-cadets Hills, which has been out of print and is now available with additional two tracks to full use of the CD format.

Hills formed as a 3-piece aiming to make music that focusses on the groove/sounds and rhythm instead of the lyrics/message and classical songwriting structures. To create a meditative space depended on improvisation for themselves and others to enjoy. To create a feeling but not necessarily to explain it through words. Influenced by everything from the early experimentation of John Coltrane via the repetitiveness of Velvet Underground, Krautrock and the grimness of early black metal bands. Hills try to keep it honest, analog and raw in the very best way they can.


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  1. Thanks very much. You've got a great blog going here with a varied choice in sounds.