Italy it not only a spaghetti

"Void Generator from Rome render homage to their idols Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gong, Hawkind, Kyuss, Amon Dььl II , King Crimson, Black Sabbath, and Monster Magnet. For open minded Stoner Rock fans, who like Kraut Rock and 70's Progressive and Psychedelic Rock – this is a must have!"

Second full album from this Italian heavy space rockers. VOID GENERATOR exist for nearly 15 years in the meanwhile headed by guitarist Gianmarco Iantaffi. You can feel the experience when listening - hence they have reached for an unique niche regarding this genre. The vocals are not the strongest point here - not exceptional though for this music style, aside from that 'Phantom Hell And Soar Angelic' is basically instrumental. Now coming to something special first - if you should tend to be disappointed about the total length when checking the album sleeve ... then you must know there is a hidden track included of not less than 24 minutes!

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Label: Phonosphera

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