Bad news travel fast...

The Heaviest UK industrial Noise/Experimental/Doom outfit since Godflesh's "Pure"
Black Sun Is back in business
you can pre-order it here
and listen to the one track on their Myspace

part of the upcoming GU Medicine's 'Serve Ice Cold' studio sessions. and is a duet with Ricky the Rockhopper penguin (who was an awesome little chap!), who resides and ZSL London Zoo. The track will be available as a free download exclusively on the Jägermeister website some time in September 2010.

nice video for Dirty little Grrl

(will post their Discography soon)
Pete Williams - Rest in Peace Brother!

Ramesses - 2010 - Take the Curse - is finally on the wax.
Die Hard ed. is already sold out. but you can hunt the regular one at At War With False Noise

Heh, Rise Above can't fail with such major, commercial stuff like :

Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today 2nd press BLACK EDITION pre-order

Due to high demand and sily prices on Ebay, we are repressing Witchcult Today as the 'Black Edition', to give more of you a chance to own this masterwork on vinyl.
Analoge cut direct from analogue studio tapes.
Double heavyweight vinyl with folded insert, non-gatefold sleeve.
Vinyl represses of Dopethrone ane Come My Fanatics will follow soon!

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