Robust Mass /// Kharkiv Edition

RobustFellow going to conquer East, the land of Scythians.

The next episode of Robust Mass is going to happen on 19th of March 2016 in Kharkiv city @ "Akuna Matata" Club

Kharkiv's robust stage wil be presentet at it' best by
5R6, SOOM, БЫЛ ЗАМЕЧЕН... (album launch),
rare guests from Kyiv ETHEREAL RIFFIAN (EP launch),
And psychedelic guests from SpB, Russia - MATUSHKA.

Robust///Mass roots & idea - https://vk.com/wall-50501764_747

Line up:


SOOM (Kharkiv, UA)


Big Thanx to:

Poster Art - X-Ninja
überdesigner - Max Gavronsky
Teaser - Anna Tihaya

Preorder - 60 tickets for 80 UAH
During Mass - 100  UAH

1) МЯСО - only 50 tickets available
г. Харьков, ул. Пушкинская, 5 (м.Советская)

2) ROBUST SHOP - only 10 tickets available
(https://vk.com/robustfellow) robustfellowship(dog)gmail(dot)com
тут билеты можно брать и с другими ништяками.

3) EVENTSIDE - digital tickets

Traditionally, all holders of physical tickets
  will be able to take part in the robust lottery.
 For this participation in the drawing is necessary to:
- Buy a physical ticket
- After receiving a bracelet at the entrance keep the ticket stub with its own individual number.
- At the right time (between the performance of the bandsstay in the music hall and,
if during the number on the spine on both sides of the curtain is the same,
 get up on stage and receive a package from Robust Shop with releases and merch from the bands
 from the recent episode.

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