Welcome home fellas, glad to see you here again with your second album !

When I got the promo of new Bad Guys album I've gone happy and wet like a Japanese schoolgirl. Immediately I've uploaded it to my oldschool mp3 player and ran to the post-office. There was a line and I got some noisy talk with hysteric cashier.
Then It was a really big pleasure to clean the snow off my stoner-mobile.
That's how should I remember my first date with "BADGUYNAECOLOGY"

The next dates were more constructive:

Awesome cover artwork & name of the album.
Smart lyrics.
Great sence of humor.
Serious as fuck.
Freaking epic riffing with outta-space сhorus.
"You should have bought me the truck! You Fuck!" (c)

Buy. Support. Headbang. Singalong. Circle pit. Stage dive.

Watch epic video for Prostitutes below:

And stream Crime:

Damn Guys, I wish you made another video for "Crime" and please guess about making split with Killsong from Australia. 

Hope to see you, four gents from hell on a horse in Kiev this Autumn.

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