ROBUSTFEST vol.III 1st Announce

Ladies & Gentlemen, Fellas & Fellitas, Dudes & Dudettes !

Robustcrew gladly presents :
This Autumn Robust Circus comes to town with it's 3rd volume.

Date : October 12th 2013
Place : "Old Opera House" (Angar)
Tickets : TBA (Preorders will start in August)
Gates Opened :14:00
Show Starts : 15:00

We've found the ultimate "Robust line-up" formula since past year's volume :
9 bands from 6 countries on one stage.

Let us introduce you first three bands from the line-up :


Neanderthal nightmare is coming from the Northern Swamps !!!

After 2 years of close correspondence with this finnish band we're finally glad to say :
LOINEN is coming to ROBUSTFEST !!!

If your child suddenly asks : "What is sludge ?"
You can answer without any doubt : "Try Loinen, please"

The stick to one's memory and sick artworks are doing good work while listening to Loinen.
 Loinen disclaims any Guitars - It's Double Bass attack.

The band was formed more then 10 years ago.
It became a cult after the debut Selftitled LP, split with STUMM, and couple of demos and various splits.  Then Secundus (vox/guitars) passed away in 2009.
But the band is still acting well during past years :
Check their fresh split with Horse Latitudes, Doctrines of Desolation (Tape)
and crazy collaboration with Paanin Kuoro called "Mutajazz" 
New LP is also on the way.

(Text by PhillO))))


Ladies and gentleman, please welcome our mysterious Mr. Astorius. What a skull, what a hat, and what god-damn brilliant stick he’s got! Is there a man or a skeleton under his cloak?! Who knows! What we do know is that this guy loves to experiment. He’s surely got a lot of aces under his sleeve - whether it’s stoner, psychedelic, punk, doom or you-name-it-classy-stuff, he’s got it and he’s going to show it right when you least expect it, so brace yourself.

Europe has seen his shows more than 300 hundred times, but Kiev has never experienced his outstanding performances. Robust Crew brings you the first show of the outstanding Mr. Astorious in Kiev. His latest mesmerizing music-box “Punkadelia Supreme” as well as his earlier works will be available at the show.
(Text by Stonezilla)


That’s what all of you have been waiting for! Following the requests from our dear visitors of the second Robustfest we have invited this giant to our party. Applause to bong-smoking, body-building, riff-laden monster Belzebong. What he does for living amazes not only men, women and children but all kinds of heavy underground creatures as well.

His evil-twin shadow is always behind him. While he’s busy showing his best smoke-doom muscle tricks, his shadow is busy offering pot to everyone around him. Some say that if you stare at him for too long there will be no coming back to sanity and you will remain stoned forever. But it’s not something you want to avoid, eh? Pay us a visit on the 12th of October at the third volume or Robustfest, and you’ll see this monster in action.     
(Text by Stonezilla) 
Check one track of their new  LP here :


All Arts and Posters by xNinja

ANGAR's facebook page :
Make a virtual tour around the place here :

Read some interesting historical info about the place here :

We try to do our best from year to year.
And we really glad to see new fellas in the Robustcrew.
Please write us (robustfellowship(dog)gmail.com) if you think that you can help us with the following things.

for the Robust Blog/Advertisement/Sponsorship :
- web design for www.robustfellow.com
- writing reviews/interviews/scene reports/whatever
(recieving exclusive downloads/cd/vinyl instead)
- Radio (any useful contacts)/TV/Press(any Zines/Magazines)
(If you know how to expand Robustfest's audience)
- Sponsorship/Fund Rising

during the fest :
- Prepearing/cleaning the festival's area
-Help with the bands (guiding, possible housing)
- Feeding the Bands & Robustcrew during the fest
- Help with Afterpaty (details will be announced later)

for Robust DVD vol.III :
(vol.II isn't so bad ?, but we wanna go higher)
-Video operating (It's cool If you can bring and shoot videos with your HD camera/GoPro)
-Video Mixing/post-production
-Sound Reording/Mixing
-Interviewing Bands/Crowd

If you aren't on this list but you think that you could help - please write to us.
We will find the solution.

Thanks for the support :




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