Fister - 2013 - Gemini (Review)


This is gonna be the 5th Fister-post on our blog. Now it's officialy certified as Robust band.
The concept laid behind Fister is very convincing. The trio appears to be in possession of some clandestine information as they claim that it is not Lucifer who is running business in hell, but Charles Bronson. Having never provided us with irrefutable proof of this weird belief, these guys continue to stay hell bent on this outlandish assumption with nothing capable of convincing them in the opposite. They think that Charles Bronson arrived in hell and blew the brains out of Lucifer’s head with his six-shooter, subsequently taking his place and thus turning an army of menacing demons into his servants. Now he thrives in his hell- reign, mobilizing forces for invasion on the Earth so that those who question the indisputable fact that Siergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in The West “ is the best western ever may finally fade into obscurity. I have never questioned this fact and therefore can sleep well. Those who dare commit such blasphemy will soon meet horrible fate, as they will be dragged deep into the bowels of the Earth and beg forgiveness from Charlie. Anyway, never have I dreamed about incarceration in mental asylum so on this heavy not I will delve deeper into the tunes which this trio unleashes in order to please their infernal master, Charles “Lucifer” Bronson or whatever his name is.

Formed in 2009 by Kenny Snarzyk, handling super heavy bass and lead vocals. He is joined by Marcus Newstead on guitars and Kirk Gatterer on drums. A demo was released in 2010 entitled Fisted Sister. In 2011, the band joined the Bronson’s covenant by releasing their first release “Bronsonic”, which was a never wasting time of getting down to bone-crushing devastation. It was one of the heaviest sludge/doom Armageddons to ever punish the earth, and by far the most successful delivery of Charlie’s message to the ignorant crowd. So heavy and downturned it was that decibel level exceeded all conceivable limits at some points in the album , so converting my friends into zombified worshippers of Charles Lucifer Bronson was an easy thing to behold. Not only was it a chance to get drowned into filth, unbearable heaviness was perfectly bordered by catchy and bong-provoking doom grooves so is succeeded in satisfying all members of the covenant both initiates and veterans alike. Like Electric Wizard and Sleep, Fister have proved themselves worthy in the world of doom with Bronsonic.
Since then, the band has released 3EP-s, one compilation and split with Lion’s Daughter called “And Their Masters Bled for Days”. All of the mentioned releases are worthy of listening, so go grab them if you have not done it yet. However, today is the day when all servants of Bronson should unite and be made whole, as the next full –length from St Louis sludge/doom trio has been finally forged. Bearing the title “Gemini”, second LP is 46-minute long exercise in monumental heavy as hell doom. From the very onset it becomes evident that these guys have serious intent to prove their allegiance to their master by completely punishing our eardrums. The production is crisp, abrasive and raw to some extent. Vocals are throat –shredding and percussion is pummeling, bass is nausea-inducing and guitar is razor-sharp and throat –cutting, all coupled together creates a dangerous formula required for opening a hell gate from where Demonic Warlord Charles and his army of hell will emerge. In terms of music, the formula is very successful as here we have brutal sludge riffs superimposed over atmospheric ambient mess. The songs are never getting boring or tedious, dragging you deeper into hell hole growing out of your speakers with each consecutive riff. Fister has adopted a little bit more straightforward approach here, preferring to stay on the verge of heaviness throughout the entire release. But nevertheless, each song maintains the character of its own and avoid drowning in the failure of widespread clichés.
Straight from the opening track “Antitheist”, the anthiteistic feel is immediately evident as Fister unleashes a ton of heaviness in an attempt to make the hellhole so that Charlie can come. The record becomes even heavier after two minutes have elapsed so get ready for all your religious foundations to be completely destroyed.
Suicide Hessian’ start off with a more speedy vibe but quickly slows into excessively heavy grooves as there is apparent need to further crumble the earth in order to make hell-hole wider.
III’ continues the barrage of the opening two tracks with slower crushing chord work. This sound is just pure filth. The elongated and wistful droning carries you far into the dark and twisted reality Fister crawled out of. We are mercifully given a chance to relax as the track fades to a close.
Next is the titular song ‘Gemini’, which is an experiment in calmness and harmony compared to the rest of the album. It has Dopethrone –era Electric Wizard reminiscences so it does manage to retain eerie atmosphere amid more psych-oriented tunes. A good break from the ear-punishing madness prevailing on previous songs.
Next one, Sinking Estonia’s gets the sludge back on track, delivering an unrelenting dose of toxic sludge goodness. Think of another amazing sludge band ‘Indian’ getting drunk and coming to decision to add some black metal sound to the songs and play it in garage in state of complete hangover – that pretty much sums up . The Demonic hand of Charlie is protruding from the hell-hole on this point, holding a hell-charged six-shooter pointing at all of you who dared questioning the magnificence of ‘Once upon a time in the West”. Go grab this ageless classic and watch it or you’re fucked.
Permanent Chemical Psychosis’, is a more stoner-doom oriented vide, so get ready for yet another respite.
Combining elements of all what you have witnessed in the previous songs, the 2-nd grand congregation of Bronson worshippers comes to an end with the Invisible Corpse. The gloomy atmosphere, dark discordant guitar work, pounding drums, tectonic bass movements and hell-spawned vocal delivery is all what this song about. The final lyrics continue to echo long after silence wipes them away. “No one will mourn me. No one gives a shit. No one will miss me." No way Charlie, we will miss and mourn you forever, but you will be forever commemorated in the form of new hell overlord, Charles Lucifer Bronson. Hail Charles, Hail Lucifer, Hail Bronson.
To sum up, the 2-nd congregation was very successful. The hell-hole had been opened, and Charlie had embarked on his plan to punish all who questioning the indisputable magnificence of Sergio Leone’s never dying classic. I support him in this venture. We hope to get more heaviness from St. Louis trio in the third congregation. 9/10.
(Review by Den)
PS. Here's also a fresh live tape by FISTER. Don't forget to check it out too.


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