Baxter Stockman - 2013 - Punter LP/CD (Review)

First time I saw the band named Baxter Stockman on some hardcore gig poster few years ago...
They should play some cool powerviolence from the West coast. That's what thought first.
But nope, the things turned another way...
Baxter Stockman is awesome noiserock band from Finland. They did few CD-EPs, 1 single 7 inch "Romance". And "Punter" is their first fullength record.
Baxter Stockman is the the name of the creepy character from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon series who was one third fly, one third machine, one third human. 
Usually song starts with the simplest minimalistic riff made by one move of a pick. Following atmosphere going with the same tempo but becomes more complicated.
With the minimalistic sound BxSx achieves raw and aggressive neandertal effect.
That's about the sound. Damn, I really love that wonderful feeling when you invent time machine and go back to early 90s' to catch the pure era of ugliness.
Their music comes right that way.
And what I always loved about Finland's noiserock scene is their poster art !
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