MARS RED SKY - 2013 - Be My Guide EP (Review)



The new EP by my favourite French fellas is going to be pressed on wax soon.

If you loved the debut LP you'll dig that one for sure.
The same sweet melodic voice, romantic lyrics and over-fuzzed catchy guitar riffs by Julien, impressive bass solos by Jimmy Kinast.  
The band found their own way. And it seems to be successful.
The perfect mix of sound, visual and graphic effects.
I can take it as one solid piece of art.

For Mars Red Sky previous year was reach enough on gigs and festivals (Roadburn, Freak Valley...). Although 2013 is going to be even more busy.
MRS is going to kick out the riff on Lodon's "Desertfest" in April.

This EP is going to be released on the band's label Mrs Red Sound on 8th of April.
180 gr. vinyl as a 45 rpm LP.
Regular edition - 900 on black
Ltd. ed. - 100 copies on colour wax (was sold out in less than two days.)
So rockin' is your business...and business is good.
Fuck major labels when you can do it by yourself.
Glad for you guys.
There's an information that new fullength is also coming out this year....
Will be happy to see/hear you again in Kiev with new fuzzy tunes.

And the last thing to say.
If you're playing in a band - you'll probably need this :

(The M.R.S Custom© is a bass/guitar fuzz, developed by A.I.B Custom effects and Julien from Mars Red Sky, according to his specifications. )


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