HELL COMES HOME - 7" split series

Newish label from Ireland (Galway) Hell Comes Home has released 12 splits 7" in 2012 (available as part of a box-set or individually) of sludge/doom/hardcore/metal.

I really love the way Joel choose the bands for each 7 inch.
The Artwork with insects deserves special applause.
Really good work done mate.
And It's a good damn marketing strategy. You can't just buy one or few 7 inches. You should grab the whole pack. And don't matter what band is on the vinyl and what it's playing.
Argggh, just jokin'...
Each band is really worth checking out. And even if you don't know it you'll be pleasently surprised.  

Hope you'll have some time to get this masterpiece.
Looking forward to see/hear volume 2 from Hell soon. 

Here's the List :

- Kowloon Walled City / Thou
- Suma / Ultraphallus
- Dephosphorus / Great Falls
- Akaname / Lesbian's Fungal Abyss
- Pyramido / Union Of Sleep
- Burning Love / Fight Amp
- Coffinworm / Fistula
- The Swan King / Tellusian
- Dukatalon / Rites
- Black Sun / Throat
- Dopefight / The Fucking Wrath
- Dead Elephant / Rabbits

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