Interview with Sardonis

    Hello Fellas !

First of all I’d like to congratulate you with the Japanese tour with Eternal Elysium.
For many European bands this tour is only a dream. 
Was it successful in financial and spiritual ways ?

It was a fucking blast!  Being able to tour Japan was indeed a dream coming true and if a tour turns out to be as succesfull as it was, then you’re living the dream.  All costs were covered at the end of the ride, so financially it was good.  But spiritually is was much better.  The Japanese expected us and embraced us like we were their brothers.  Best tour ever!  

    Did you explored something new from the Japanese lifestyle ? Any new musical bands that have impressed you during the tour ?

They are so precise and organized it was almost frightening from time to time.  They are detailed too.  A metal guitar player will practice a certain solo until he can play it exactly the same where a European dude will be satisfied if he gets he overall feel of the solo, if you know what I mean.

We were and are big fans of Eternal Elysium, but we only saw them once live here in Europe.  Being able to tour with them and enjoying their gigs every evening was absolutely a thrill.  They are so fucking heavy and put down great shows night after night.  Coffins played a great show in Tokyo too, as well as Nepenthes, a new band with 2 former Church of Misery members.

    By the way I’ve tried to find out what does the word “Sardonis” mean and I failed. Can you help me to find the answer please ?

In the eighties there was a very popular weekly televisionshow for kids on the Flemish national television named ‘Merlina’.  It was the cliché story of the good hunting the bad.  In this case a group of detectives were chasing down a group of villains who kidnapped children, terrorized the elder…
The bad guys were leaded by this supervillain named Sardonis.  When we were young and we did something bad, our mama always told us to be nice, otherwise SardoniS would come and get us.  He was the demon of our youth.

    What is the main source of inspiration for you when writing new songs ? Do your albums have the same storyline and what all your songs about ?
We don’t want to express a certain story, but the songs breath a kind of bleak, desolate and heavy atmosphere.  I don’t think people think of beaches and cocktails when they listen to our music.

    This year was pretty plenteous for Sardonis : 2nd fullength released, Split with Tank 86 and Eternal Elysium. Any plans for future releases/gigs/fests in 2013 ?

2012 was indeed a heavy one.  Three releases, two tours, a lot of local gigs, interviews,… We will take it easier in 2013.  We’ll focus on new songs and we’ll see how it progresses.  We have some gigs lined up in March; 1 in Belgium, 2 in Greece and 2 in Portugal.  Needless to say that we’re looking forward to that.


    Don’t you ever thought to release split with close-by-genre-instrumental bands ala Karma to Burn, Sons of Alfa Centauri, Beast in the Field, Le Scimmie… ?

Well, we did a split 7” with instrumental comrades TANK86, but we don’t have any plans right now to do another split release.

    What will be your personal recommendations from Belgian and European and World heavy bands ?

Your Highness is a Belgian stonerband that is on the rise.  Check them out, good songwriting!

    The film/book/event that has really impressed you in 2012 ?

I don’t have a television and hardly watch any movies or read books.

    Electric Earth Recs. (Jelle run it) – was a big success. Sold out titles such as debut albums of Cough, Black Pyramid, Elder, Sardonis… That says that you have really good taste in music and also intuitive feeling what  band will be successful in the future… Why did the label suddenly shut down ? Is there a chance that mighty Electric Earth will rise again one day ?

The label shut down because of different reasons.  I could not combine it anymore with my dayjob and I didn’t want to quite my job because of the financial risk.  My son Thor was born and needed the attention of his father who was always packing vinyls when he was home, so I decided to put the label on hiatus.  There are no direct plans to restart the label in the near future, only time will tell.

    Thanx for the answers guys. Any last words ?
Thanks for the interview and interest in our band.  Our website went online recently, so be sure to check that one out at www.sardonis666.be  We’re on facebook too, so feel free to join the brotherhood of SardoniS.  Inhale heavy riffing and praise the Behemoth666! 

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