Krobak enters da Robusthaus

Some of you may have noticed the mysterious project Krobak being mentioned as Igor's pre-Stoned Jesus major activity, but I guess the percent of those who listened to it after reading about it is somewhere about absolute zero. But it's a funny thing to discover that a guy behind StJesus' crushing stoner riffs and ambitious progressive leanings began as a three-notes-two-chords minimalist citing later days Talk Talk and Godspeed You! Black Emperor as his main influences. Writing music in various forms since he was 13 (from grunge ballads to doom-death epics) Igor discovered post-rock around 2006 and immideately tried his hand on it, taking inspiration also from early Krautrock as well as from Constellation and 4AD bands. 

Inspired by constant interest to what could have been Ukraine's prime post-rock band, Igor decided to reform Krobak with full line-up for occassional live shows. A set of early material, demoed but never released, gained a new life being recorded in a proper way at Moscow's Destroy the Humanity Studios (January 2012) and Kiev's Zvukocech (June-July 2012). 42-minutes long "Deep Waters" album is set to be released early in autumn, along with the first Krobak live show in three years at Robustfest II  in Kiev.

Krobak (Хроба́к, укр. «червь») — инструментальный проект, который держится на трех китах: мелодика, меланхолия, минимализм. Создатель Хробака Игорь вдохновлялся музыкой пост-роковых коллективов Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yndi Halda и Mono. После разочарования в "one man band"-концепте все силы автора проекта были сосредоточены на развитии Stoned Jesus, однако с недавних пор Игорь нашел время для сольных "забав на стороне": новый альбом Krobak был анонсирован чуть ли не сразу после выхода недавнего полноформата Voida, теперь же его выход перенесен на осень 2012го. Robust Fest vol.II станет первым появлением для Хробака на публике с летнего концерта 2009го в Одессе, но уже на этот раз с новой программой и живым составом!


  1. Krobak - Slow Train - it's music of my soul!!!
    it's wonderful project!!!!

  2. yes. cant wait to see them live too.