Ethereal Riffian Soundtrack for Biennale exhibition

If you visiting Kiev, UA in period of May 25 - July 25
you have a good chance to get an exclusive experience where picture, sound, philosophical structure and your personal feelings comes as a solid  sphere of ethereal matter.
Don't miss this opportynity.

«STUDIO ANDREA MMXII» present : «PERSPECTIVE» - parallel рroject in the First Kyiv international biennale ARSENALE 2012

Project Curators: Julian Farrow, UK; Andrei Suprunenko, Ukraine
Executive director: Igor Abramovich
Project Architect: Andrei Suprunenko, Anastasia Suprunenko
Film director: Bogdan Plotko

Participating Authors:
• Victor Sidorenko,
• Anton Solomukha,
• Oleg Tistol,
• Roman Pyatkovka
• Nikolai Matsenko

Original soundtrack by ETHEREAL RIFFIAN.
Project site:
Gallery of the Contemporary Art Institute, Ukrainian Academy of Arts.
18 Schorsa Str., Kiev
Exhibition opening: May 24,
Exhibition period: May 25 - July 25


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