20 bands, 100% unpublished tracks......

Ladies and gentleman don't miss this gem! The third volume of the Falling Down compilation is finally out. Guys did a really great job on creating this mammoth, and now you can enjoy the results of their great work.

"Falling Down is an entity, part of which lies in the reunion of various awesome bands (Psyche, Drone, Post-Rock, Dark, etc.) with all unreleased tracks.

The very limited FDIIV Endless Edition, with a CD, a DVD and some visuals cards in a metal box is already sold out, so be quick to order your pair of digipacks! 

Falling Down IIV compilation
.digipak 2CDs – 1000 copies
.20 bands – 11 countries
.all the tracks are unreleased

Pre-order :

FDIIV – 13€
FDI + FDII + FDIIV – 28 €

 Tracklists :

Digipak - CD1

1| Hopewell - This is This
2| Year of No Light & Mars Red Sky - Green Rune White Totem
3| Ocoai - Mère de la Lumière du Matin (live recording)
4| The Flying Eyes -  Apollo Creed
5| Vanessa Van Basten - Got to Say
6| Dyskinesia - Tra i Ghiacci
7| Planning For Burial - Friendship
8| Aidan Baker [Nadja] - Instrumental B
9| Julie Christmas - Scalps
10| The Winchester Club - Burn it All Down (Pt.1)

Digipak - CD2

1| Black Sun - Syntax Error
2| Rorcal - Világvége V
3| Terra Tenebrosa - Apokatastasis
4| Monarch - Daggvrs
5| Syndrome - Now and Forever
 [with special collaboration of CHVE (AmenRa) - backing vocal & Josh Graham (Neurosis, A Storm of Light) - piano and texture]
6| Ayahuasca Dark Trip - Manantial
7| Ethereal Riffian - March of Spiritu (Rise of Sheol)
8| Sendelica - Ingrid Cold (edited remix)
9| Vespero - Flight of the Lieutenant
10| Mouth of The Architect - How This will End


  1. Cool to see your support to this compilation! I have vol 1 and 2, and there are amazing tracks and bands on them! Made me discover a bunch of bands I've heard before!

  2. sure thing! guys did an amazing job.
    By the way, my band Ethereal Riffian is featured there as well

  3. RORCAL track kills. You can stream it on Youtube: http://youtu.be/cPEy3Q0vRu8