Robustfest 2011 audio streams

Good day to all robustfellows in da haus!

We hope that this stuff will be interesting for those of you who have already read the 1st volume of Robustfest (or how I used to call it "Our little Fuzz-stock" ), and also for those lazy-fellas who have missed the action.

Please welcome the following Robustfest's artists with the audio streams of their full sets :

Slow Ride Home 
That was one of the last shows of the band. Damn good show.
It's a pity that the band is currently split-up.



The band gonna release new  "Never Knowing Peace" 7'' soon. (free dl guaranteed)
Don't miss them on tour these days.

Torn From Earth
New EP from TFE is currently looking for a label and band to make a split.
TFE & Tombstones tour will hit the Europe in September 2012!
 This was the setlist:

1 - Constant Daily Strain
2 - Withheld Breath
3 - Lost And Found
4 - The Ending

All sound was recorded & mixed by Max Poops & Bukvar' (Bayroot Studio).
So big stoned thanx goes to this men of sound.


  1. Robustfest 2011. Ethereal Riffian - Part III Yax Imix Che (The Path) (Live). Hidden Track.


    "Из-за проблем снятии баса адекватной получилась только часть 3 трека." (с)