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Gills - 2011 - Gills is Dead

gills is a noisy trio from new york.

Kalkh-In(joy) Erode - 2011 - The Way of Another Way

Drone Psychedelic - Space Dark Ambiant - Experimental

Exhausting & hard & unsettled & introspective & underground stream - 
To listen only in the dark/wild, high in headphones ; (caring, at night, lying down)

Avgrunden - 2011 - The Cursed Earth

experimental doom/drone band from stockholm sweden

"musically we've been called a mix of earth, bohren und der club of gore, neil young & black sabbath (some people have linked us with bands like sunn o))) & OM)"

The Nolan Gate  - 2011 - Alchemy

We are The Nolan Gate. 
We're a 3 piece indie-metal band from NJ.
We recently recorded 7 a song record ,titled "Alchemy", 
with Mike Moebius at his Moonlight Mile Studios in Hoboken.
The recording was then mastered by James Plotkin (ISIS, Pelican, etc...).

Bear Baiting - 2011 - Bear Baiting E​.​P.

instrumental shoegaze Los Angeles

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