Abyss stares back at you.....

Amarok (US) offers you to look into the eyes of the abyss. The four from California has came up with a self-titled EP in 2010, and a vinyl LP. Sludge/doom with drone and psychedelic elements at it's best. Think of Finland's sludge finest Frogskin meet US monsters Cough sometimes combined with Dopesmoker-like riffage (EP's first track), and top notch psychedelic solos & drones. Death/doom touch is felt as well (2nd track).
That like misery sounds like.

The band has recently did an entire US tour where they have shared stage with Samothrace, Floor, Weedeater & Cough.

Don't miss them playing and be sure to buy their upcoming releases:

- a split with Cough (Forcefeild records)
- a split with H.C. Minds
- a split with Hell (members of Leech)

One of the most essential debuts on the sludge/doom scene during the last two years in my opinion. Keep an eye on them.

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  1. I was just thinking about this album the other day:)