Catapult the Smoke - 2011 - Born in Fire

For robustfellows only...or not for the weak souls.

Hail Sweden. Here's the 2nd coming of heavy tuned, stoned as hell and sentenced to doom three-headed dragon. Greatest album, that I havn't heard for a long time. This one goes well for the long long riding. Bad roads surrounds you. You should hold motorcycle's handlebars. and keep on going through the night.

Partly reminds me the doomy days of Orange goblin career (Scorpionica/Coup de Grace),
Don't forget to add some southern sandy grooves.

Good work done guys.


released by the US label Orchestrated Misery Recordings
Buy this stone for only 13 bucks.

One thing left to say - "Follow the Path of the Warrior", thath's all you need for Saturdays eve ).

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