Heavy as a Mammoth...

What I handle in my hands right now is a big heavy neanderthal stone. This CD bring s us to the ancient times. Nobody's speaking but nature. Imagine the day when dinosaurs ruled this weak planet. That was a havy, but full of freedom time. Just like the Grandloom's debut album sounds. And the "Sunburst" spreading the light of good played psychedelic heavy jams. This band goes in top 5 instrumental stoner/jam bands for sure (you know them all well).

Support the band. Buy this wonderful CD-digi. Or cath the Vinyl which is much besser ))

these words are carved in stone :
"Grandlooms `Sunburst` is the debut album by this young instrumental Stoner Rock band from Germany.

Grandloom is a three-peace heavy jamrock band from Cottbus Germany. Grandloom founded new with the current lineup in early 2007
The sound of Grandloom is mix from stoner, psychedelic, space, blues and seventies rock.
Grandloom share the stage with a lot of famous bands for example Brant Bjork, Karma To Burn, Orange Goblin, Truckfighters and Graveyard."

Tanx to David for CD.

Myspace (Here you can find some free studd for dl)
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