Weathers (Greece) - 2011 - Heavy Truck EP

Oh...Shit, the Greek scene is groving like a good weed in a pot during hot summer day.

Good driven, heavy loaded, sludgy tuned...here comes Weathers. Playng good music influenced by your favourite sludge legends.

There is a good company with my favourite bands : 1000 mods, Lucky Funeral, Guinea Pig, Routes...and now you can add Weathers to this battalion for sure !

Weather's bio :

were formed in the end of 2009. Ramon(bass) and Stavros(drums) after a few jams found their way and wrote their first song “Oblivious”, that was when Jim(guitar) and Mike(vocals) joined the band. At the beginning of 2010 the band recorded their first Promo CD ,“Promo 2010”, which contains 3 songs. Unfortunately, in August Jim left the band owing to personal reasons and Mike replaced him. In the middle of March 2011 they recorded and released their first Ep “Heavy Truck”.. Until now they have played with several Greek bands and have given more than 25 performances all over Greece in the line of their Tour that took place from January to March. The future plans of the band are to record their first full-length album and make as many lives as they can. Finally, the band is ready to perform live concerts with new songs and much more to give...


Ride the heavy truck

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