For those about to Doom...

Smashing Doom from the Doom Masters. Finally the LP.

Space says so :
"Finally out, the first album of the great WAR INJUN! War injun was the debut release of Blood & Iron, a split EP with local Doom Metal icons Dawnrider. This album was recorded a few years back and put to hiatus until now…it's the right time to spread it through all the Doom Metal community! The band is returning to activity so with the album on the streets, things will get smoother and we will be able to testify once more a great Doom Rock album, the Maryland way! Merciless and vicious tunes like the ones you listened on the split ep...pseudo-Metal trends come and go...MD Doom is real! (Includes J.D. Williams on vocals from Internal Void and Kyle from Earthride on guitar)"

Dig the Doom
(thfnx to epicdoommetal.blogspot.com)

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