Sing Alleluja to the end of days...

"Heavy" Ney Year to every mother fucker in da haus.

Huge thanx to everyone who's into Robustfellow's community. Here's some recipe for ya to feel yourself happier during whole next year : support the blog, please. Do job (find it if you don't have it yet). Love Music. Start to play. Release something. Deliver lots of groovy moves to your girl/wife (If you don't have any - you'll surely find somebody to love on NY eve).
16 tons of inspiration to any kind person who leaves the comment to this theme.

...And now to the core. Ohaio have a strong Stoner rock scene these days. Thunderrider comes from that area. they've released a s/t CD like a year ago. Groovy tunes in the name of SWS, ATP, Orange Goblin, The Mighty Nimbus(The Georgian Skull), Mister Bones, Halfway 2 Gone.
Greatest southern trendkill. some modern hc/nu-metallic touches (it just brings more power to the core)
Make a noisy headbang party on the NY eve.
Cheers robustfellas ! See you next year. (I hope some good changes will come to our blog too. the rest is details)

Spent some virtual cash for the AWESOMENESS


  1. Thanks, guys, for the tunes, all of them, and for the good wishes! My you all have a great New Year! \m/