Hands of Orlac - Vengeance From the Grave

The name comes from the movie of the same name, which is a story about a pianist who has a murderer's hands grafted on to his after an accident. This guy is basically tortured by panic attacks and irrational fears as he believes that with the hands of the murderer he has also gained the murderer's predisposition to killing. The movie has a very dark atmosphere and has become a cult classic, this old-school Italian band has also a dark atmosphere and a sound with its roots in old Hammer Horror type films and the sounds of Traditional Metal acts like The Obsessed, Trouble and Black Sabbath but there is also a nod towards N.W.O.B.H.M, obviously in their cover version of the Angel Witch track "Sorceress" but also in the three original tracks also on this demo.


Hands of Orlac - Vengeance From the Grave .

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  1. orclac is also nosferatu's other name " count Orlac"