Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 2. - Hypnotic Grooves, Vol. 1....

Comets On Fire – 2004-08-26 - Lobot Gallery, Oakland CA

Sound is here enriched by more structured, keyboard-driven jams, churning Blue Oyster Cult-ish chooglers and slow burners reminiscent of Harvest-era Pink Floyd.


1. jam > The Bee And The Cracking Egg
2. Whiskey River
3. Beneath The Iceage

Farflung - 2010-10-17 - Feiburg

This is a fuzzed-out, spacey freak-out…. Intense with the sounds of punk, futuristic melodies, fuzzy guitars and haunting, lingering voices, Farflung is deeply committed to providing an element of the unexpected…


01 intro tuning-->vision of infinity
02 endless drifting wreck
03 breach of eye
04 day of st anthony's fire
05 unborn planet
06 pedal
07 silver shrooms
08 the way the sky is
09 landing on cydonia

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Mother-Unit - 2010-04-17 - Roadburn

35007 co-founder and guitar player, Bertus Fridael, has started a solo project called Mother-Unit. Brain-Massage will lead you to another world filled with heavy hypnotic sounds while the more mellow parts will guide you to another universe…


01. Brain-Massage
02. Fingerprint-Chemistry
03. From the Source-Into the Mind
04. Herd (35007 cover)

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