Very Dark and Heavy Abysses of Sound.

70-minute song came straight from hell which illustrates the decadence of the Roman emperor, Heliogabalus.
This time Rorcal is going ways further than before, with crushing doom parts, including long hellish droning fields.
This album is scary, really aggressive, completely gloomy. Be sure, you never heard something like that, and you never will.
If you’re looking for something really extreme, this is exactly what you need.

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Rorcal (Swiss) - 2010 - Heliogabalus


  1. Hi there.
    Here is Bruno from RORCAL.
    Thanks a lot for giving some exposure to the band, we appreciate. Please just note that the album is available for free download through our own page : http://www.rorcal.com/doom/discography/heliogabalus
    Thanks for changing your link to this one. We really hope you enjoy the song.
    Bruno and RORCAL

  2. Bruno, I added FreeDownload link.

  3. Bruno and Rorcal, thanks for your music!

  4. I discovered this one a few months ago, great album!